Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L Dehumidifier

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The mobile 12 litre/day dehumidifier is powerful, yet conveniently compact and light-weight. This electronic model is ideal for boats, caravans/mobile homes, as well as storage rooms & other small rooms such as laundries, ensuites and walk-in-robes.

Ausclimate NWT compact 12L Dehumidifier 

NWT - World leaders in the manufacture of high quality dehumidifiers for over 30 years


The powerful, yet compact 12 litre/day model is ideal for:

  • boats**
  • caravans/mobile-homes
  • storage-rooms*
  • laundries
  • ensuites*
  • walk-in-robes*


  • 12 litres of moisture extraction per day
  • Compact, light weight & portable with easy carry handle
  • Suitable for areas up to 20 m² / 50 m³
  • Full water tank auto shut-off
  • Continuous drainage feature (1M drainage hose included)
    - easy hose attatchment
  • Variable humidity settings
  • Low running costs
  • Restarts after power supply disruption / suits timer
  • Operates as an economical dryer for clothes & boating gear
  • full 2 year domestic warranty

*4m² minimum room-size

**For boating moisture control we recommend use in conjunction with independent timers, rather than running the unit unattended 24/7. Do not use in a room with continuously operating sources of ignition (e.g. open flames, operating gas appliances or electrical heaters).


Model WDH-610HE
Voltage/Frequency 220-240V, 50HZ
Power Input 265W
Noise Level 37dBA
Refrigerant R290
Moisture Removal 12 litres/day (30°C @ 80% RH)
Recommended Max Area* 20m², or 50m³
Water Tank Capacity 2.4 litres
Compressor Rotary
Dimensions (w x d x h) 31.5cm x 19.4cm x 46.7cm
Weight 9.8 kg
Power Control Electronic / Easy Soft-Touch
Running Temperature 5-32˚C
Warranty Information
Warranty (domestic) 2 years


*4 m² minimum room-size

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