Clean Flow Pollen Filter

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High-Efficiency Ducted Air Conditioning Filtration.

Suits applications where high dust and pollen filtration is required. The Clean Flow Filter can reduce hayfever, allergy and asthmatic symptoms. Long-life for reduced maintenance. 

Since the frame is made of water-resistant beverage board instead of recycled cardboard, it will stand up to the worst conditions an HVAC system will present, with no filter distortion or blowouts. This is a very energy-efficient filter due to its large media area, resulting in a low-pressure drop. The media is a blend of cotton and polyester and proven to keep a low-pressure drop during the filter’s lifetime. The media is backed with a corrosion-resistant wire backing that eliminates distortion of the media pack under high air flow

This is a disposable type filter that should not be cleaned. Recommended replacement is approximately every 6 - 12 months.


16 X 20 X 2 (Inches) 20 X 25 X 2 (Inches)
WIDTH  495mm WIDTH 622mm
DEPTH 48mm DEPTH 48mm
HEIGHT 394mm HEIGHT 495mm