Down Jet Diffuser

Size: 6"
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The Down Jet Diffuser is suitable for ceiling mounted heating, cooling or ventilation applications. Available in 2 sizes, all models are constructed from A.B.S polymers providing long term strength and rigidity. The diffusers consist of a series of concentric rings that deliver the air downwards at a slight angle to the vertical. A centre knob is adjusted to control the airflow including a total shut-off. The airflow pattern is ideal for ceiling mounted heating applications where warm air is directed downwards from the down jet. The directional nature of the airflow improves the mixing of cooler air at lower levels. The down jet is regularly used in ducted heating applications where under floor ductwork is not available, such as solid concrete floors. Standard finish is off-white with the surface has an etched face, which lowers light reflections, and ensures an unobtrusive finish.


Please note that the size refers to the 'neck size' which is the duct size the outlet connects to.

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