SAN-AIR Boat & Storage Bio-Clean Gel 75g

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Prevent toxic mould existing in your home

Kills 99% of airborne bacteria, mould, fungus, and spores

The non-corrosive formulation is specially developed for enclosed areas prone to high humidity, such as boat cabins, caravans and storage facilities, helping protect and maintain interiors and contents.

The water-based gel evaporates into the air and spreads throughout the entire indoor air space. As the product omes into contact with microbes, either in the air or on soft or hard surfaces, it causes the germ to die by stopping bacteria from reproducing and mould from receiving oxygen, eliminating their ability to grow and reproduce.



  • Easy to use and fast acting
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-mould
  • Safe to use around children, pregnant women, babies and pets.
  • Made with 100% natural and organically derived ingredients.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Targets mould and bacteria
  • Independently validated


Where do you place it?

Boat cabins and moored boats, especially when boat covers are used
Cupboards and storage facilities
Domestic and commercial garages
Caravans, campervans and motorhomes

    Product details

    • Lifetime: 4 – 6 weeks once opened. 2 years if left unopened.
    • Weight: 75 grams
    • Indoor Coverage:
      • 1 jar per household room
      • If you have access to your premise’s home air-conditioning system return air vent. You can place the jar on top of the grating and this will spread the product more thoroughly throughout your home/office.

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