Ducted Air Conditioner Filter Kit inc. Spline Roller, Rubber & Air Purifier / Sanitiser

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Ducted Air Conditioner Filter Kit including Spline Roller, Rubber & Air Sanitiser

Complete air conditioner filter kit suitable for replacing ducted a/c filter material with rubber spline*


  • Ducted Air Conditioner Filter Material (G3 rated Premium Media)

  • Spline Roller multi-tool

  • Air Sanitiser - SAN-AIR V3R AIR PURIFIER bio-clean gel



Filter measures approximately 620mm x 950mm with rubber spline to suit. Trim to size. For use in aluminium frame ducted return air filters. Thickness is approximately 15mm. G3 Rated Trade Quality Premium Media

Air Conditioning Filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly. One size suits most air conditioners, simply trim to suit. Depending on the size of your filters, many will get two filters from one piece of material. Please note we only use the highest standard materials, don’t be caught out by cheaper products you might find elsewhere. We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers.

Sanitiser can be placed within the return air if possible, or simply on a benchtop or place where there is sufficient airflow. Kills 99% of airborne bacteria, mould, fungus, and spores. Made of all-natural Australian oils. The 75g jar lasts 4-6 weeks once opened.

*Knife or scissors required to trim.

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